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Everything you need to catapult your lawn to a new level of neighbourhood envy!

Core Aeration

A fundamental lawn care practice which focuses on root growth. An aeration increases gas exchange from the external environment with the root system and virtually exfoliates the turf. This service is a cornerstone for any healthy lawn.

Fiesta: Environmental & Family Friendly Weed Control

We now offer the only herbicide to pass Ontario's residential pesticide ban. This exclusive and effective herbicide to guarantees you fewer visible weeds! Rest assured that all herbicide applications are performed in compliance with the Integrated Pest Management standards in mind.


Grass Roots uses the highest quality fertilizers (XCU 80%). This means that 20% of the fertilizer's nutrients are released on contact and 80% of the nutrients are retained to slowly nurture the lawn for a duration of 8-12 weeks. Every application uses a different amount of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus to ensure your lawn is properly taken care of.

Gypsum: Soil Conditioning

Gypsum is a mixture of crushed limestone and calcium. It is applied properties in June to lower the amount of sodium soil. Since salt absorbs water more readily than roots, having a lower level of sodium in the soil is ideal.


At Grass Roots we only use blue-tag certified seed which guarantees the seed we use will germinate efficiently. Depending upon the wear and tear that the lawn has received over the previous months you may want to over-seed the lawn in early Spring. Grass Roots recommends a mix of our Premium Blend Seed brushed into the surface of the lawn. The seed with germinate and fill any sparse or thinner areas. Over- seeding will add the highest rated cultivars to any lawn creating a thinker, denser turf.


An organic bio-stimulate. This service is ideal for properties that do not have irrigation systems or cannot water on a regular basis. Drought and frost resistant enzymes are transferred from the kelp to the turf which enables it to withstand stresses it was once prone to.

Grub Control

Grubs are are a detriment to any lawn. The symptoms of a grub infestation will manifest in the form of localized patches of dead grass. Turf that has been damaged by grubs will list away from the soil easily because the roots have been eaten and they no longer anchor the turf on to the soil. Secondary effects of grubs include small mammals pulling back the turf in search of a meal of grubs.

To combat this infestation Grass Roots uses Nematodes (beneficial microscopic worms). We thoroughly water the nematodes into the lawn. They enter the grub's digestive tract killing them from the inside; upon leaving they search out the remaining grubs making your turf pest free.

Corn Gluten Meal

This is the only fighting chance your lawn has against crab grass. By applying this special fertilizer at the right time in spring, we can effectively prevent the germination of grab grass on your lawn. Since crab grass is perennial it will re-germinate every spring. Corn gluten is known to suppress the germination of the Crab Grass seed thus preventing them from taking over your lawn. With this application timing is key — so make sure to give us a call in the spring before it's too late!

Tree Stump Removal

If you can cut it — we can grind it. Starting in June, Grass Roots offers a very cost-effective stump removal service. Instead of ripping your lawn apart to remove the tree roots, we grind the stump 6 inches below the surface. Then we fill in the cavity with top soil and lay sod over the area. Your lawn will look good as new within a few hours.

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