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Top Reasons Why You Must Aerate This Spring!

Aeration is a process of loosening up the soil in your lawn without destroying the turf. This is accomplished by running a core aerator (a 350 pound machine) over the lawn to remove thousands of tiny dirt plugs and leaving them on the grass to provide a natural top-dressing. It will look as if a gaggle of geese had come and gone! Here are the main reasons you should aerate:

1. Nutrition

Healthy turf requires quality nutrients. Aeration allows fertilizers and water to easily access the root system. It also rejuvenates soil composition.

2. Oxygen

Just like humans, your turf is a living thing and needs air to grow. Proper gas exchange between the root system and external environment will make a big difference in the quality of your lawn.

3. Weed Reduction

Healthy turf is naturally thicker, choking out the weeds. When turf is properly cared for, invasive weeds will not be able to gain a foot-hold in your lawn.

4. Soil Quality

Aerating exfoliates your lawn, by removing cores of soil. This allows soil to decompress following the weight of winter snows. The best time to aerate is in the spring, to capitalize on the benefits of spring bloom.

5. Drought Protection

A well aerated lawn will act as a sponge that absorbs and retains the water. This will result in less water run-off (especially on sloped lawns) and less evaporation as water will not bog on the surface.

6. Insect Control

Spring rain increases the amount of pooling on lawns: a perfect breeding grounds for insects. Aeration allows for better drainage, which reduces the prevalence of stagnant water bogs and insects.

At Grass Roots Lawn Services, we believe that aeration is an essential service for maintaining a healthy lawn. This process is entirely mechanical and involves no chemicals or herbicides. That is why we include lawn aeration in every Green Deal we provide.

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